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Bee Smart Robbing Screen + Mouse Guard

Keep robbers (bees who invade another hive and steal honey) out with this long-lasting universal IPM robbing screen by BeeSmart. Made of UV treated technopolymer, the robber screen works with 8 or 10 frame equipment and is easily installed with pushpins. 

How do robber screens work? 


Robbers attempt to enter the hive by flying straight into the entrance. The screen prevents them from entering. Resident bees leave the entrance, crawl up the hive front and exit through one of two slots in the top of the screen. They re-enter the hive through the same slots.


Product Details and Features: 

  • 4.5" tall
  • Large opening for maximum access for house bees to enter and exit when the top door is open
  • EZ-Grip Door Handles on the top of the screen to facilitate easy opening and closing
  • No sharp corners, exposed mesh, or sharp edges
  • Multiple push pin points to accommodate any hive body
  • Break-away tabs to convert from 10 frame to 8 frame hives
  • Fits most conventional bottom boards
  • Push pins included



  • Install your robber screen when the bees are in for the day, either early in the morning or late in the evening. This will allow resident bees to learn the new entrance and not trap them outside the colony.
  • It is always best to add screens before robbing gets started. A colony can have all its stores removed very quickly once robbing gets started.


Bee Smart Robbing Screen + Mouse Guard

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