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Spring 2023 NUCs Pre-Ordering

This year, Joyful Honey & Beekeeping will be partnering with BeeBlesst to offer 5-frame NUCS. Pick up will be at our location in April of 2023.

From BeeBlesst: "Each NUC will have a mated laying queen, honey bees & brood in all stages, plus food stores. We will have Italian and Carniolan queened NUCs available on a first-come, first-served, basis. 

We use these same bees for our commercial operation and have great success with them! The bees are gentle, superb layers with large early populations, are excellent honey producers, are very winter-hardy and have been bred for improved disease/mite resistance.

Whether you're a new or experienced beekeeper, we believe our NUCs will be an outstanding addition to your yard!"

(Be sure to select pickup in Battle Ground)

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